Can’t wear contacts any longer?

If you are experiencing trouble with you’re lenses and can’t wear contacts any longer; don’t give up and learn the truth about LASIK.

Hard to fit Contact Lens Contact lens

Azman Eye Care has been providing superior eye care since 1975 and has specialized in contact lenses from the start. As contact lens specialists, we have successfully treated thousands of contact lens patients, many who have said ‘I can’t wear contacts any longer’, those with contact lens intolerance, and patients who have seen multiple eye doctors and were told they could not wear contact lenses.

If you are thinking about LASIK learn the facts: LASIK surgery has side effects and can lead to permanent disabling complications affecting your lifestyle. According to recent studies up to 40% of LASIK patients experience symptoms of complications. Symptoms include glare, dry eyes, halos and star bursting. Our own in-house experience demonstrates that the number one reason patients seek LASIK is due to contact lens intolerance relating to dryness and blurry vision.

There is HOPE to get you back into lenses that provide all day comfort with clear vision.

If you can’t wear contacts any longer and are thinking about LASIK surgery call Global Contact Lens Specialists for a free consultation.

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