Category: Contact Lenses After LASIK, PRK, and RK

  • Can’t wear contacts any longer?

    If you are experiencing trouble with you’re lenses and can’t wear contacts any longer; don’t give up and learn the truth about LASIK. Azman Eye Care has been providing superior eye care since 1975 and has specialized in contact lenses from the start. As contact lens specialists, we have successfully treated thousands of contact lens […]

  • The Dr. Oz Show: Undercover LASIK Surgery Investigation

    As reported on the Dr. Oz Show, “LASIK surgery promises to fix imperfect eyesight, but is it safe? Investigative reporter and consumer expert Elisabeth Leamy goes undercover to find out more about the potential life-changing side effects of this popular surgery.” The Dr. Oz Undercover LASIK Surgery Investigation:  Click her for full video segment:  “LASIK surgery […]