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  • Contact Lens Intolerance and Thinking About LASIK?

    If you are experiencing contact lens intolerance and are thinking about LASIK, STOP!   Before making this decision you need to know the truth:  LASIK surgery has side effects and can lead to permanent disabling complications affecting your lifestyle permanently. Proceed with caution. According to recent studies between 10-40% of LASIK patients experience symptoms of complications. […]

  • Dr. Azman did what three other doctors could not…

    I’m writing to thank Dr Irwin Azman for doing what three other doctors couldn’t—make it possible for me to wear my lenses again. My eyes have always been sensitive, but with the help of a sympathetic optometrist, I had managed to wear lenses until I turned 43, when my contacts became increasingly uncomfortable. My ophthalmologist told me my eyes’ tear quality had deteriorated with the […]

  • Not a candidate for contact lenses…

    “Not a candidate for contact lenses…” I am currently a patient of Dr. Irwin Azman. I underwent cataract surgery of my right eve in January and now have an astigmatism problem in that eye. In addition. I have a cataract in my left eye and also have the normal reading vision problems that comes with […]