The Hard to Fit Contact Lens Patient

Are your contact lenses
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hard to fit contacts
Specializing in difficult contact lens fittings.

Do you have trouble wearing contacts or have been told you’re not a good candidate for  lenses?

Have you been told you have eyes that are “hard to fit” or have been labeled as a “difficult contact lens fitting” ?

Not to worry — Dr. Irwin Azman and Dr. Thomas Azman, in Baltimore, Maryland are Contact Lenses Specialists, known for their special expertise with “hard to fit” contact lens fittings. Known as true contact lens specialists, they have over 70 years of combined experience with difficult contact lens fittings. Starting in 1975 they have successfully provided the most difficult cases with safe, comfortable lenses that provide great vision. Their passion for eye care is what sets them apart. Using their expertise and the latest in technology, they will discover why you have had no contact lens success in the past. Combining their knowledge with your particular visual needs, utilizing the widest array of lenses, they are able to prescribe the perfect lens for your eyes.

The following conditions can be labeled as difficult contact lens cases and are often considered challenging to provide great comfort and great vision:

If you have trouble wearing your contact lenses all day long, or if you’ve been told you can’t wear contacts at all, don’t give up! Call Contact Lens Specialists of Maryland and experience the pleasure of perfect vision with your lenses comfortably in your eyes, instead of your case!