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  • Dr. Azman did what three other doctors could not…

    I’m writing to thank Dr Irwin Azman for doing what three other doctors couldn’t—make it possible for me to wear my lenses again. My eyes have always been sensitive, but with the help of a sympathetic optometrist, I had managed to wear lenses until I turned 43, when my contacts became increasingly uncomfortable. My ophthalmologist told me my eyes’ tear quality had deteriorated with the […]

  • Contact Lens Eye Care: The way it should be

    When it comes to contact lens eye care, there are a lot of different options out there. But when you want the highest quality, most meticulous contact lens eye care in Maryland, you have to see Drs. Thomas and Irwin Azman at Azman Eye Care Specialists.  Founded in 1975 by the two brothers as a […]

  • Are Your Contact Lenses More Comfortable When They’re In Here?

    Contact Lenses Comfort: If you have trouble wearing your lenses all day long, or if you’ve been told you can’t wear contacts at all, don’t give up. Azman Eye Care is the area’s premier team of contact lens specialist, successfully providing the most difficult cases with safe, comfortable lenses that provide perfect vision. Our passion for total eye […]