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I was not able to wear contact lenses any longer

Not able to wear contact lenses

When I came to Azman Eye Care Specialists, I was unable to wear my contact lenses any Not able to wear contact lenses longer. My vision was poor, and the contacts were constantly becoming either clouded or dirty.

Due to Dr. Irwin Azman’s expert care and attention, my problems were diagnosed. After completing several different types of tests, and after trying various contact lenses, I was fitted with a comfortable pair of lenses that I could see quite well with.

Your expertise and your attention to detail were most helpful in the process of solving my contact lens and vision problem. In addition, your staff was always gracious and helpful.

As a result, I have since recommended all of my family members to Dr. Irwin Azman at Azman Eye Care Specialists. Thank you again for all of your help.

Lynne D.

Pikesville, MD